The HELIOS 200 and 300 X-ray generators are designed for X-ray applications with anode voltage regulation range up to a maximum of 80 kV. The devices are characterized by having radiogen dose power with high conversion efficiency and an analogue digital interface with RS-232 and Ethernet, which simplify integration.

The sophisticated inverter control circuit provides excellent regulation of the anode voltage, with low crest noise to the X-ray tube. The inverter regulates the filament power, thus achieving a high stability of the regulation power which contributes to the stability of the anode current and therefore to the intensity of the X-ray flux consequently giving an accurate process analysis.

The ARM processor controls the machine with second level feedback, linearizing the reading and writing functions and performing temperature controls within the limits of the variables and of the alarms.

The first level controls are hardware and through hardware and software signals, any anomaly can be detected. Finally, every event that takes place is recorded in flash memory in order to facilitate the diagnostic process of any fault, a unique application of its kind.

The study carried out has brought an excellent result regarding the small size of the generator and, importantly, the generator is built to avoid radiation outside the enclosure, ensuring safety for the operators.